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Was your spouse or nephew sent to Rikers or the Boat on bail? Are they at high risk of harm, if exposed to the violence and isolation within a cage? Thousands of our people are captive in NYC jails right now because they cannot afford punitively high bail. Many face life-threatening risks and other trauma, daily.

Fill out our simple online form for lawyers or for friends/family

We want to hear about your loved one or client.


While donations are limited, we prioritize people incarcerated on bail, who face immediate dangers while in jail and need the empowerment of community support to get free. We also prioritize our Black family inside, and other communities NYPD and judges target for arrest and jailing. 


Everyone deserves this community support. No-one should be in a cage. To help us keep pace with NYPD arrests and bail set in court, click here to donate.

* We accept calls only from people who are incarcerated, and their friends & family.

In response to repression of protests for Black liberation, Peoples Bail Out NYC also organizes community bail out support for protesters incarcerated in NYC jails. Our commitment to end the caging of our people is aligned with the demands of protesters confronting state repression on the ground. Material solidarity and radical mutual aid for everyone criminalized builds a world where everyone is free to thrive.

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