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With your support, Peoples Bail Out NYC can organize bail outs for our people locked in city jails pretrial and provide vital post-bail support, such as housing, food, medical care, and healing. 100% of your donation goes directly towards getting people out of New York City jails and supported once free.

Every dollar given adds up. Together, we're able to fund folks' freedom from Rikers and the Boat, Crossroads, and Horizon, support their recovery from incarceration, and materially resist systemic oppression of our Black, brown, disabled, trans, and other targeted communities. That's people power!



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Peoples Bail Out NYC organizes community bail outs from New York City jails. Each bail out is a radical, collective act of community defense against pretrial jailing on Rikers and the Boat, in Horizons and Crossroads.


Over 6,000 people - overwhelmingly from Black communities - are in New York City jails right now coping with isolation, neglect, torture, violence, and risk of death daily. Most are in cages because judges set bail higher than what they can afford. Jailing our people on unaffordable bail is a racist, classist, ableist, and anti-human tactic to extract people and money from our communities. By organizing to pay our people's bail collectively, together we empower folks' freedom from cages and their safe passage back to their communities, while protecting their family & friends from bail's oppressive financial harm.


How do we do it? By mobilizing a whole village of people like you committed to #FreeThemAll.


Our work takes dedicated lawyers, loving family and friends, and resilient incarcerated folks to request bail outs. Others do the critical work of donating funds to cover bail and post-bail support. Our organizers work with people inside, their lawyers, family, social workers, and friends to prepare bail outs and safe releases. Committed, trained volunteers post bail (and so much more). And a beautiful crew of resourceful community organizers corral support for folks after they are released.

We invite you to join us to free our people from New York City jails. Reach out if you have questions or ideas!

Together, we've freed 457 community members from NYC jails.

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TOGETHER we bail out our neighbors
and support them when freed.



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